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Sport Psychology

Sport Psychology

A licensed Sport Psychologist has achieved formal State Board qualifications as a clinical or counseling psychologist, with additional, specialized training in sport and exercise science. When an athlete or coach chooses to work with a licensed Sport Psychologist, they are making a choice that helps to ensure the highest level of training, and adherence to the legal and ethical standards adopted by their state’s psychology licensure board.

Although there is variation based on individual background and training, Sport Psychologists generally offer services that address such concerns as:

  • Managing psychological aspects of athletic injury
  • Navigating career transition in athletics
  • Managing performance anxiety
  • Reducing mental blocks (avoiding “choking”)
  • Getting in the Zone (Achieving the Zone of Optimal Functioning)
  • Promoting mental toughness
  • Facilitating team cohesion/dynamics

Services may take the form of:

  • Educational seminars
  • Group/team consultations
  • Individual sessions with a coach or athlete

Service duration and format vary widely, and can include:

  • Brief, “one-shot” consultation
  • Multi-session, ala carte (fee-for-service) arrangements*
  • Contracted retainer fee services

Note: Sport Psychology services are covered by insurance under some circumstances. Inquire with your provider.

Dr. Luke Patrick first developed a passion for sport psychology as an NCAA Division I track athlete at Drake University. His interest led him to a Master’s degree in Kinesiology (Sport and Exercise Science) at Kansas State University, and then to a Doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology at the University of Iowa. Additionally, he is board certified in biofeedback, a powerful tool for helping athletes improve self-regulation and achieve optimal performance.

Dr. Patrick has worked with teams and individual athletes at the high school, collegiate, and professional levels. He has a great enthusiasm for sport and human movement, and is repeatedly awed and humbled by the capacity of his clientele to achieve optimal functioning through basic, grounded psychological principles. He lives in Portland, Oregon and enjoys exploring the great Northwest with his wife, daughters, and Coho the dog.